Fiat 500

Why Buy an Near-New FIAT 500?
Packed full of style and colour, the FIAT 500 is fuel-efficient fun at its very best. It is a small car that makes a big statement wherever it goes, and at AutoPlanet Direct, you can experience its irresistible nature first-hand for an incredibly low price. Our wide selection of almost-new 2015 500s saves you thousands of dollars off the price of a 2016 FIAT. We get our cars directly from the manufacturer, and therefore they are all usually covered by a full original warranty. Also, our FIATs have been driven for no more than 28,000 km on average, and come with complete up-to-date service records.

Manufacturer Warranty
We get our FIATS directly from the manufacturer, and they are usually covered under original warranty.

Huge Savings
A lightly-used FIAT saves you thousands in upfront costs.

Up-to-date Maintenance
Previous rental vehicles have well-documented, up-to-date service records.
How Much Can Your Save on a 2015 FIAT 500L?
AutoPlanet Direct Price
26,495 +HST
Average km of ~22,000km

  • Navigation Ready
  • GPS
  • 17-inch Alloys
FIAT Website Price
31,855 +HST
Brand new from FIAT dealer

  • Navigation Ready - $800
  • GPS - $595
  • 17-inch Alloys $500
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