Vehicle Sanitization

Enjoy peace-of-mind knowing that your vehicle is a safe environment for you and your loved ones with AutoPlanet's comprehensive vehicle sanitation process.

Vehicle Sanitization: $249 +HST

Vehicle Sanitization Process
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Vehicle Sanitization Process

The below process describes how Autoplanet is sanitizing vehicles. Once the vehicle has been detailed inside and outside, every vehicle goes through a complete sanitization process.

The interior of the vehicle is diligently cleaned using an anti-bacterial cleaning solution that is safe for interior finishes.

All the seats are shampooed with disinfecting dry soap suds.

After cleaning, touch points (hot spots) in the vehicle are also sanitized using a microfiber and a disinfectant thoroughly to ensure the safety of all customers. The major spots that are sanitized, but not limited to are –

  1. Arm rests
  2. Cupholders
  3. Centre Console
  4. Steering Wheel
  5. Seats and Seat Belts
  6. Radio Controls
  7. Air Vents (Cleaned with Q-tips)
  8. Door handles (Exterior and Interior)

A special disinfectant is then sprayed in the cowl of the vehicle (highlighted portion below) with the HVAC and heat running. The vehicle is then let to run for 5 minutes so that the disinfectant circulates in every area inside the cabin.

The cabin air filter is then changed.

The steering wheel and seats are then wrapped using disposable plastic covers and delivered to the customer.

Keys and key fobs are wiped with a sanitizing cloth and placed in a zip lock bag.

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